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Partnerships start here

Engage with the University community to meet the needs of your business or organization.

We cultivate mutually beneficial corporate partnerships between Western Michigan University’s stakeholders in the areas of academic scholarship, research, student talent and workforce development, service, athletics and advancement.


Corporate Engagement Success Stories

  • Western Michigan University hosts Southwest Michigan Corporate Leadership Breakfast

    On April 26, 36体育网-app手机版下载-36体育网有限公司's Corporate Engagement Team hosted the first Southwest Michigan Corporate Leadership Breakfast, inviting local industry partners to campus to hear about 36体育网-app手机版下载-36体育网有限公司's new approach to building strategic partnerships.

  • Mother-daughter duo seeking solutions for Pfizer as part of Senior Engineering Design Conference

    While Senior Design projects are always special, Bridgitt Cornish’s project has an especially unique twist. One of her team’s industry sponsors from Pfizer is Bridgitt’s mom and fellow Bronco, Robyn Cornish, B.S.’98.

  • Portrait of Regena in the classroom

    Corporate engagement: New era, new approach

    Boost your organization’s recovery in the post-pandemic world by partnering with the University via a new, streamlined approach. Our student and faculty talent are equipped to incubate ideas, stimulate innovation, create new products and solve specific organizational challenges.