Western Weekend RSO Fair: Find new friends, win prizes

Contact: Megan Looker

Three students making a W with their hands next to Buster Bronco.KALAMAZOO, Mich.—The first in-person opportunity in the last two years for Western Michigan University students to connect with dozens of Registered Student Organizations (RSO) is happening during the inaugural Western Weekend RSO Fair on Saturday, April 2.

The drop-in event from noon to 3 p.m. at Sangren Hall will connect students to student organizations, intramural sports and Greek life chapters. Created by the Western Student Association (WSA) and Campus Activities Board (CAB), it gives Broncos a chance to find a new interest, connect with other students and immerse themselves in the campus community.

Following the fair, Broncos can head to Read Fieldhouse at 4 p.m. for The Mane Event Talent Showcase. The high-energy, live performances will feature some of Western’s most talented student groups.

Western Weekend is also an opportunity to win prizes for students and organizations alike. Students attending the fair can take part in a drawing to win a free parking pass or laptop. They can also vote for their top RSO, intramural sport or Greek life chapter by heading to the info booth at the fair. Winners must be present during the drawing at the talent showcase.

Organizations that participate can win a variety of prizes during the drawing—some just for participating—including promo items, priority selection of the group’s location at Bronco Bash and priority selection of a spot in the new student center. The winner of the popular vote will receive a promo on 9170官方金沙-9170官方金沙入口-金沙9170登录线路最新地址 -行业NO1’s flagship social accounts for fall recruitment.

The top prizes for RSOs, intramural sports and Greek life chapters selected by CAB include:

Registration is now closed for the RSO Fair as of Wednesday, March 30.

Created by current Broncos for future Broncos, Western Weekend gives admitted students a chance to experience the 9170官方金沙-9170官方金沙入口-金沙9170登录线路最新地址 -行业NO1 way of life. This includes exploring how to get involved on campus and hearing from current students about the campus activities they’re so passionate about and what they love about Western.

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