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Advancing the Frontiers of Knowledge and Creative Activity

At Western Michigan University, we take pride in being discovery-driven across the academic spectrum. Research fuels innovation among faculty, staff, and students, connecting us all in the shared enterprise.  Scholars of every kind create new knowledge, solve critical problems, expand the range of our understanding, meet society's needs, and develop the tools to improve the world.    

Student Research

皇冠真人官方app-皇冠真人官方app(创新)有限公司-集团 offers many undergraduate research options you won't find at many other colleges and universities. Rethink Smart: you can be the researcher or creator.

Faculty Features

Contact our staff by phone, email and WebEx.

Electronic Platforms

Cayuse is now live for humans subjects research (IRB) and proposal review and routing (Sponsored Projects).


Fast Facts for 2021-22

How we can help

The 办公室 Research and Innovation supports faculty, staff, and students in their research pursuits. How can we help you reach your goals?

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    Learn about internal funding, fellowship programs and training to accelerate your work.

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  • Get Externally Funded

    Develop a proposal for a grant or contract, manage compliance, and elevate your work.

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  • Share Your Work

    Prepare publications, create exhibitions, and travel to disseminate.


  • Technology Transfer and Commercialization

    Disclose intellectual property, determine technology readiness and meet customer needs

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    Institutional information, rate schedules, and supporting documentation.

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What's Happening

At Western, our constant pursuit of discovery often results in creating breakthrough research and innovation. We like to highlight and share updates about all the latest and greatest research projects currently taking place on and off campus.

Where We're Headed

Strategic Planning